Employees are vastly more satisfied and productive when four of their core needs are met:

Chaplaincy programs have a track record of high

Return on Investment across every industry sector.  

Our employees are happier, get along better, and are more focused on their jobs. Ray fit in with our staff right away and has bonded with everyone here.  Current Client HR Director

“The services provided by OCA are priceless." Current Client

Decreased Employee Turnover
Decreased Absenteeism and Presenteeism
Reduced Conflict and Risk of Violence
Fewer Accidents and Injuries
Reduced Health and Disability Claims
Lower Healthcare Costs
Decreased Risk of Litigation


Employees Feel Valued
Increased Morale and Job Satisfaction
Increased Engagement and Productivity
Improved Customer Service & Satisfaction
Improved Teamwork
Healthier Workplace Culture
Improved Management/Worker Relations


Organizations with high employee engagement will derive benefits in addition to happy employees.

Higher profitability                           Higher productivity
Lower turnover                                Lower absenteeism
Lower shrinkage (theft)                   Higher customer engagement

                                                                   Fewer staff safety incidents