It’s Preventative. 

Chaplains are trusted and known by employees.  Because of their personal interaction, chaplains have the ability to spot and deal with small issues before they become larger issues. They are also more likely to be asked to help before a problems becomes a crisis situation.


It’s Confidential. 

Chaplains provide confidential care for the spiritual and emotional needs of employees. They are neutral from company operations. Personal information is kept confidential and will not be revealed to management or any other person.

It’s Available. 

Workplace chaplains are regularly visible in the workplace making rounds at appointed hours, building relationships in cube worlds and on shop floors through informal contact. They serve people where they spend the most time, at work. They are available at no cost to employees and their family members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There are healthy boundaries that need to be in place between employees and business owners or managers. A workplace chaplain provides an appropriate way for business owners and managers to respond in difficult situations.

Why an Employee Care Program Works

It’s not about religion.  A chaplain will only discuss faith if the employee invites the conversation.  Unless this invitation has been made, the chaplain simply listens, encourages, advises, and coaches employees and their family members to deal with life’s pressures in a positive, healthy way.  Workplace chaplains adhere to the Guidelines on Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace.                     

It’s Personal. 

Chaplaincy is about personal care for people regardless of their personal beliefs or backgrounds. They build relationships with employees.  When faced with a problem, employees are more likely to contact someone they know.

“When we first signed up, I was afraid our employees would be hesitant to use the OCA services. But we quickly learned there was a great need for the Employee Care Program.”  Current Client HR Director